Gail Laser has been an attorney specializing in Utah Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody, and Juvenile Justice matters for over ten years.  She brings to that specialty a long and successful career as an aggressive and accomplished trial attorney, who thoroughly and exhaustively investigates each of her cases.  That trial experience in turn adds leverage to any mediation and negotiation.  

In a divorce, the entire marital estates’ financial picture is carefully researched and analyzed.  Investigative techniques involve subpoenaing all of the client’s and ex-spouse’s investments, investment houses, real property assets, and businesses.  Appraisals are obtained, and, when necessary, business evaluations using forensic accountants are conducted.  All debts are researched and examined to determine whether they are indeed marital or can be attributed solely to the other spouse.  Ms. Laser persistently explores all investigative options to ensure a complete and fair financial picture of the family’s finances.

For child custody concerns, the best interest of the children is always paramount, with the appropriate involvement of both parents when possible.  Cooperative and mutually accommodating co-parenting is the goal, and when necessary, Ms. Laser will recommend enlisting a Custody Evaluator to ensure that parent-time division is fair to both parties, but most importantly, healthy for the children and the children’s relationships with both parents.